Monday, May 30, 2011

What in the world am I going to blog about?!

Whatever I blog about, I SHOULD be cleaning house; instead of blogging, or doing whatever it is I'm going to blog ABOUT.  Thus the name...

Here's my latest ~ I've worked full time for twenty years.  I was a single mom for nine of those years. Sure, I remember a few weeks here and there that I was between jobs, in transition, etc.  I love my current job. I've been there six years. BUT... now, I'm going to try the stay-at-home mom thing.  I'm fortunate enough to have a wonderfully supportive husband so that I can do this.  I'll definitely miss the people I work with, but will keep in touch with them.  Now what to do with myself?!

I'm going to enjoy the summer with my boys, 14 and 5.  See what happens... what interesting things we can get into,  or what laziness we can "endure".  We'll try to stay cool in this brutal East Texas heat.  We'll coupon... Aidan will love the cutting and sorting. Hubby and I will love the saving money. 

I'm just a mom with a camera, so maybe I'll take some pics. Alright, take a LOT of pics. It's what I do lately.  I post most of them on facebook, but will definitely start posting them here and blogging about them.  And maybe make a little extra money on the side with that camera :-) 

My boys, and the things they do :-) Now THAT is something to blog about!

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