Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Bring on 2014!!

I finally figured out the sparkler writing trick. I've wanted to do it forever but just could never get it down. I guess after everything I've learned this last year, I realized last night I knew how to do it! Go figure. It was pretty simple after all.  Well, I did have a little help from my eight year old, Aidan. I used him to get my focus right and to snap the picture after I got my settings right. 

No New Year's resolutions for me this year. But there will be changes nonetheless! I'll be starting the new year off as a single mom to my two boys. My little photog business will be my sole means of income for now. If I have as many amazing clients in 2014 as I did in 2013, that shouldn't be a problem. Hopefully by business will GROW! It has been AMAZING.

I want to get back to the things I enjoy in life. One, being this blog. I learned so much about photography through blogging. I want to start back with the fun weekly challenges and meeting fellow photogs. I miss sharing my life and getting a peek into others'.

Now, let some more New Year fun begin! HEHE

Saturday, July 14, 2012


I <3 InstaGram!

Lulu.... Mama 's little Seniorita :-)
We visited my cousin over the weekend so I could
do some family pics for them.
My aunt that lives next door to her was having a Yard Sale.
My littles got into her stuff.
I swear they are hoarders.
They both found sombreros :-)

And there are STILL fireworks!!
And we STILL have fireworks.
We set off quite a few of these shortly after the pic.
And yes, this was over a week after the 4th!

Aidan got highlights.... Hehe. What 6 yr old doesn't need them?!
Aidan got my niece that is a hair stylist to give him highlights.
What 6 year old doesn't need highlights?!
They didn't really take, but it was a pretty fun process!

Rarely am I speechless..... But really?!
For this little shot of LuLu....
I have no words.
I should've saved this for a
Wordless Wednesday post.

Ewwwwwww!! No wonder my cats are always hungry!! This creepy possum keeps eating all their food!! Just busted him!! I'm getting my gun ready for the next time I catch him!
I've been wondering why my cats are always hungry.
I heard some racket out on the front porch late one evening this week
as I was up editing a session.
THIS is what I found.

Gloomy Friday 13th . We already got a speeding ticket, so our bad luck is out of the way. I see more Starbucks in our very near future.
Me and a couple girl friends spent a super gloomy, rainy day in Houston.

We had lunch at The Cheesecake Factory.
And THIS was desert.

Lots of pickin'!
We did some shopping and picking and junking.
This place was so flippin' cool.
I guess they're famous for their boots and their picture frames.
I didn't buy either.
I did find a cool crate for 6 bucks.

Okay, enough already!!
And there was rain at home, as well as in Houston.
I'm so sick of RAIN.
Rain, rain, go AWAY!!!!
At least go a different direction!
My yard is washing away.
It's actually washing into my front porch and laundry room.

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Thursday, July 12, 2012

H is for.... HOLD THAT BABY IN!

These pictures were taken
this past Sunday, July 8th.

And as I'm posting....
this precious little mama is being checked into
the hospital to have her little man, Tuff!

So I wanted to share a few of the photos
from her maternity session.
And as always, some of my ramblings.


Maybe we did wait until 
the last minute to have her session!?
But I  guess what counts
is that we got 'em done in time!

Blog 7 12

And I'm very proud of how they turned out.


I've seen these used in maternity shoots before,
but she and I weren't really sure WHAT to do with it!
We did quite a few shots,
actually a LOT with this piece of cloth,
but this one turned out to be our fave.
She looks almost like a goddess.

I feel like I'm growing as a photographer.
And learning so much.
But I still see so many things I need to work on.
The little details I need to catch while shooting.
Things I need to plan ahead for and think about in advance.

I've tried doing this as a "business" several times
over the past three years.
But this time feels very different.
I dumped my cheesy business name
and will just stick with MY name.




maybe she'll call me to come over and snap a few 
pics after the little man is born?

I have another newborn scheduled for next Wednesday.
I can't wait!
Stay tuned for pics of new baby Mallory :-)

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Wordless Wednesday {Rainy Day Style}

As I said in the ONE blog post I've done this week,
I have been busy with my little photography business.
I guess it's "that" time of year?

But now comes the rain.....
Okay, enough already!!
And it keeps coming.

Yes, we are in a drought,
and REALLY need it.
But does it need to wash my yard into my front porch?!

 I seriously need to get back into the bloggy groove!
I enjoy it so much.
I love sharing my photos with all you amazing bloggers
and love all the comments and emails.
I NEED constructive criticism!
Please, I beg of you all.
If you see something I could improve on or change...

So this is it for my not-so-wordless-wednesday.
But I am going to share more of my sessions with you
in the next few posts :-)

Please come back by and let me know what you think...
I can take it.
I'm a big girl!

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Monday, July 9, 2012

Finally.... FIREWORKS!

I guess I got a little behind with the blogging....
I was doing so well!
The good thing is, I got behind because I got
busy with my photography.

We did a few pre-4th of July fireworkin'.
These parachute guys are the coolest thing!
collage 2

But this poor parachute fella didn't have a good ride down.
He lost his legs upon lift-off.
The boys thought it was pretty awesome though.
My son's friend's reaction is priceless!
I couldn't hear what he said,
but I'm sure it was something along these lines...
"Dude! DUDE! Really?! It blew his legs off!"
collage 3

A closer look at the damage...
collage 4

Now what could've happened?

Ahhhhhh, we got one guy stuck in a tree.

We just bought one of those $15 variety packs for this good time....
But it was definitely worth it.
collage 1


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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Wordless Wednesday {A Donkey's Tail}

I seriously couldn't make up the crap that goes on around this house!! 

flowers tail

I guess our little donk donk, Flower,
found one of our weenie/marshmallow roasting hangers?!
I see the donkies rolling on their backs in the sand a lot.
I suppose to get rid of flies.
She must've rolled on this!

I'll have to threaten these kids to keep them OUT OF THE PASTURE!
I swear I thought we had them all put up!

I had to chase her down and cut it out of her tail!
It took FOREVER to get it all cut out,
with her running from me!
 A little snip here, a little snip there.
I can't believe I didn't get kicked!!
She was not happy with me!

A day in the life of the Pate's!!

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