Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Worldess{ish} Wednesday

Hello, all.  I'm glad it's Wordless Wednesday, so I can make this a quickie! I have so much to do... but cannot stay away from blogging  :-)

I've really had fun editing the pics of my cousins maternity session. FUN.

We snapped a few shots back at her house afterward. 

This is her friend's little girl checking out the belly button.  Possibly trying to figure out where this baby is that everyone keeps talking about..... surely she can't be IN THERE?! Helloooooo.... Cami?! Are you in there?

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Well, I couldn't NOT participate in this one.  Especially considering how Aidan's (aka Big Head) hair has been the topic of many a conversation around these parts. 

I found this on a cd one day this past week while I was looking for another photo.

The date of the CD was 5/29/2007. Most likely inaccurate, but I'm just not sure. 

Excuse the quality of this... it was years ago, and long before my "real" camera!
Excuses, excuses.

Texture Tuesday

Happy Tuesday, fellow bloggers and Facebookers.  Thanks for stopping by.

I'm once again working on getting photos edited and delivered.  I don't want to be worried about ANYTHING while we're on vacation.  Just me, the fam{ily} and the beach.

And I know everyone is anxious to see ALL of their photos, instead of the sneak peeks I've been posting on my FB page. My A.D.D. is terrible! I try to focus on one session, but I love looking through each one and posting a few immediately, or even here and there.  Look, a kitty!

Focus, Shannon. F.O.C.U.S.

I'm linking up with Kim Klassen Cafe for Texture Tuesday.


My cousin April, which is my age, 36 (shhhhh! don't tell anyone) is preggo, as is apparent from the above photo :-)  Her oldest, and only daughter is already 16.  Yes, 16.  She and her husband James dreamed of having a new baby.  So I thought I would use this texture "Dream" for the photo.

I have mixed feelings about it.  What do you think?

I'll just give her the photo on the disk with the others and let her decide if she wants to use it.

Here's without the texture.

I can't wait to meet you, Cami!! Not long now!

Now, back to it! I've got to get my butt off facebook, out of Blogger and ignore Judy Mathis!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Monday Rewind

I am dragging this morning! I stayed up until 3 AM reading an awesome blog I happened upon yesterday.  I don't even remember HOW I found it... but I'm in LOVE! 

The boys and I are headed to Shreveport (aka civilization) here in a few.  I have GOT to get off my behind and get motivated.
In case I haven't mentioned it like maybe 100 times the past few weeks, we are leaving for Florida later this week. I tried on the board shorts I normally wear over my swimsuit (that I cannot find) and they wouldn't even go over my fat butt!! Really?!  We'll be swimsuit/board short shopping today. And possibly school clothes shopping... just to get a little ahead of the the game.  School starts back August 25. And we have a ton of stuff going on the next few weeks.
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Here are a few photos I LOVE that I haven't shared yet :-)
This is from our trip to Camp Tonkawa Springs last week.
The look on his face in this pic is 
The water was rushing so fast it was pulling his swimsuit down!


Sunday, July 24, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

It's Sunday... ya know what that means?! Scavenger Hunt Sunday!!  I think my nephew had more fun doing this with me this week than Aidan did.

This weeks prompts are:
Music to my Ears
Out of This World

{Music to My Ears}
 My beautiful friend and her hilarious hubby have been trying to have a baby.
This FB post was music to my ears :-)
No, this isn't a photo I took, but I did do the "screen capture"!
And I put the cute little frame on it. So, there.

"There's a snake in my boot"
I was working on a birthday invite for a friend's 3 yr old.
And of course he wants a Woody/Toy Story b-day party :-)
Smart kid! Anywhoooo.  This stuffed Woody was the first
thing I thought of when I saw "hat".

We had a big pine tree fall in our pasture during a storm recently.
Well, maybe not so recently.
The kiddos found a ton of old bottles around the roots of it.
I don't know how "old" they really are,
but there were some pretty awesome ones.

{Out of This World}
I never, in a million years, would've dreamed that I would
have MOON rocks on my coffee table! WOW!
Okay. Okay.
Aidan and I have been pretending they're moon rocks.
He flew is rocketship to the moon and brought them back for me.
He also drew faces on them... and named each and every one.

My cutie patootie nephew, Trystan, has sprinkles of angel kisses (freckles)
all over his precious little face.

SOOC Sunday


Saturday, July 23, 2011

Autobots... roll out!

It's Saturday night and I'm piled up on the couch with my laptop, editing photos, eating rainbow sherbert and watching Transformers.  The first one.  It has THE best soundtrack.

I NEED this truck!
This is IronHide.
Gonna have to talk to hubby about this.... hehe

Anyone notice how in the movie Bumblee has a yellow VW Beetle hanging from the rearview mirror?  Well, I read somewhere that Bumblee was originally a VW Beetle?? I don't remember this from my days of playing with Transformers.... and I never watched the cartoons.  But the Camaro Bumblee is way cooler :-)

I am the biggest kid about the Transformers!  Alrighty, enough of that.

I'm actually feeling a little cross-eyed from editing.  But I'm wanting to get everyone their discs before we leave for vacay next week. Work. Play. Work. Play.  Mostly work yesterday and today though. BOOO!!

That's my randomness for the day.

Autobots.... roll out!

More of our Summertime

As if the boys couldn't find enough water, or things to get into on our trip to Camp Tonkawa Springs Thursday, they managed to find the back side of the place. 

These boys love to explore, get muddy and play in the water.  So they were bound to find this place!

I'm bummed that Trystan, the blonde in the lead, turned out blurry.  He was on the move and I guess I had my shutter speed pretty slow. Darn it!  I'm been trying to shoot completely manual, and I get frustrated when I want to quickly snap a shot, but the lighting conditions have changed.  I'm learning though.  Slowly but surely.

What I really do love about this photo is how muddy Aidan's backside is!  And he refused to wear shoes.... I guess I'm just lucky he had pants on.

Oh, my little hillbillies :-)

The Paper Mama 

Friday, July 22, 2011

Flashback Friday

Since we're going back to Florida next week, I figured I would share photos from one of our earlier trips for Flashback Friday.

These were from August 2007.

Look at my little dudes!

Coby caught a jellyfish! Yuck!

Soooo..... Coby had had enough of the little bro.

He had to taste the sand to make
sure it wasn't edible?!

He chased birds more than he played in the sand.
Or ate sand.

We caught this little guy, but ended up setting him free.
Coby thought we could just take him home with us. NOT!

This was back in the day when Coby would actually LET me take his picture.
I sure miss those days.
I don't get to blog much (if any) about him.
Oh, teenage angst.

The ladies seem to follow him!

Where'd my ladies go?

Coby was showing off his tattoo.

We are all so excited to go back and make more great memories!!

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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Camp Tonkawa Springs

Oh, boy.  Am I going to sleep GOOOOOOD tonight.  Or is it well?  Either way, this chick is gonna be cuttin' some zzzzz's.

My youngest son, Aidan (5), my nephew, Trystan (8) and I spent the day at Camp Tonkawa Springs. I've lived here six years and have never been.... why?  Not sure, because it's only 30 minutes away!

They have a huge spring-fed, rock lined pond.  And it is COLD, COLD, COLD.  I just jumped in to get it over with. It seriously took my breath away!  But it is beautiful!  And the kids had a blast.

Here's my crazy brave nephew, Trystan, WAY up there in that tree.
Pretty far away, huh?
For this photo, I'm linking up with Little Somethings.
The photo challenge this week is : FAR AWAY

And down he goes!! Love that look on his face!!!

And he's at it again. 
This time it was a back-flip off the bridge.
The shadow is pretty cool too.

Here is a super blurry pic of the three of us :-)
We tried to figure out the auto-timer.
Didn't work out so well.

They play so well together....
most of the time!

This is so cute to me!
We tried and tried to catch this dang butterfly.
So Trystan gives me the "thumbs up" that he could catch it....
but didn't. HAHA
See it fluttering around in front of him?!

 Aidan is a bottomless pit right now!
He eats everything in sight!
We had to take a break so he could eat a peanut butter sandwich.
And shovel some chips in his mouth....

Trystan kept messing with Aidan while he was trying to eat his chips.

 He'll get him back though :-)

I love this shot of Trystan.
They were getting so tired.

As you can see, Aidan wasn't too happy about having to leave.

I figured these boys would be water-logged.
But nope.
We haven't been home long and they're back outside in the water.