Saturday, June 30, 2012

* Sci Port Science Center FuN *

In my continued attempts to keep these kids busy this summer,
we went to Sci-Port Science Center in Shreveport, Louisiana.
It's 92,000 square-feet of science and math fun.
There are over 290 science, math and space exhibits!
And the kids LOVED it!
So did mama :-)


AlkaSeltzer experiment.
FUN! We need to do this one at home.

I'm linking up with Shadow Shot Sunday 2
for this second shot.
Look at the look in his face....
He's learning AND having fun.
Can't go wrong with that!

collage 1
A paper airplane launcher?! 
I think YESSSS!!!!
Lift, drag & thrust....
These are the things you can learn about 
at the computers near this exhibit.
They also had step-by-step 
tutorials on making different types of paper airplanes
and how these things apply to each.

collage 3
There were so many fun learning activities!!
They ran around like wild animals from place to place.
It was hard for me to keep up with them!!

collage 2
Aidan was trying to fly and land the space shuttle.
Pretty scary, I know.  See how observant he was!! hehe

collage 4
We had to create some sort of chemical reaction here 
to launch our rocket. I'm so smart.

collage 5
LuLu got in the wind tunnel.
Her hair was cracking me up!!!

collage 6
They thought the coolest part of the playhouse was calling each other!

collage 7
Don't they look cute in their hard hats?!
I didn't think I would EVER get them out of this area.

collage 8
I'll have both your heads on a platter!!

collage 10

collage 9
Well, we went to space, sailed on a ship and played with electricity.
Then went to see a movie.
Brave was pretty darn cute.
It was a LOOOOOONG day.

And, as usual, I have so many more pictures
from this fun day.
Already posting a bunch, so....
Save the rest for later maybe?

Puppy Shugas!!

I'm cringing as I post these.
Don't get me wrong....
I love this pup.
And I love puppy shugas.
I know where that pup's mouth has been!!
collage 2
collage 1
It doesn't seem to bother LuLu.

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Friday, June 29, 2012

InstaFriday {Short & Sweet}

I'm still loving my InstaGram app! LOVING!
And I've found several sweet apps to go along with it!

  life rearranged

These first two have to be my favorites!
There's nothing like an East Texas sunset.
These were both taken just down the road from our house.


The pup and I partied like ROCK STARS
over the weekend. The kiddos went
 to their Naynay's for a couple nights.
blog 6 23

The little guy had a terrible earache.
The stuff that was coming out of his ear was...
Was.... well, unspeakable.
Doc says no swimming for a week.
Like THAT is going to happen.
Both the littles think they have to get a stuffed
animal from the pharmacy when they're sick.
I guess they think right.
The kids always get something at the pharmacy when they're sick .... Lil dude has swimmers ear :-/

More library time.
They have some super cute games on their computers.
I'm so glad the kids love the library :-)

Blogging and wine?
I think YESSSS!!
What the what?! Wine and blogging. That's what!

And to wrap it all up, we went to Sci Port.
Super fun for the kiddos!
It's a hands-on type of museum where they
learn all about science and math.
All kinds of good stuff!
Aidan was brave enough to experiment with
Alka Seltzer tablets.

This or That Thursday

I have so much to post!
Just not enough time to do it!!!
I'm still trying to keep these kiddos busy this summer,
while keeping the camera in their face!!
I kid! I try to stay out of the way and just let them be.
Enjoy themselves. I love the candid shots.
But occasionally, I get caught.

So, school is out for summer!
Has been for us for a month now.
But this is just a tidbit of how we're spending our summer

Aidan took a friend with him to the library one day this week.
Derik looked at the movies for a hot second.
Then a few books..... collage 2

Then it was on to cricket chasing.
collage 3

They did a program on nutrition.
The kids weren't too happy when they heard what it was about!
But they really enjoyed it!
Especially when they gave out free pencils for answering questions right.
Seriously?! Pencils.
Like we don't have them everywhere at home?!
And then there was the fruit pizza!!
It was so yummy!
collage 4
{F is for FRUIT PIZZA}
Jenny Matlock

We had a little feeding frenzy ....
picking fruit off each other's plates.
And there was a projector for the presentation.
Who doesn't love shadow animals on a projector?!
collage 5
It was time to go and I got to looking for the boys...
They were up to something outside!!
They had caught the cricket and put him as high up as they could reach.

camera divider

My poor little LuLu! 
If you follow me, you may remember her fall into her play kitchen?!
Her teeth used to be straight.
Now her two front teeth go back more than they should.
And her poor little upper lip is purple and black!
AND! Did I mention she looks like Cindy Lou Who from the Grinch!
It has gone down some. This was the morning after.
collage 1


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Worldess Wednesday

Things are crazy/busy here as usual!
Thank goodness for the library and their air conditioning!!
It reached 104 here on Monday!

Aidan has had swimmer's ear, and his allergies have been BRUTAL.
No more of this for a week.....

The little girl fell and hit her mouth on her play kitchen.
She said santa should've brought her a softer kitchen!! 
She knocked her front tooth BACKWARDS!
It's not loose at all! Just pushed back. WEIRD!
The dentist says it's fine for now.
But will probably die?!
WOW! Just wow. She's four. And it's a baby tooth, soooo......

Hot Rod is still being house trained!! GRRRRR!
Cute as ever, but also chewing everything in sight.
And he's starting to run wild when we take him out.
I guess it's time for a collar and leash :-/
I liked it when he was really scared and would hide under my feet.
He really does have ears....
even though he's running wild in this pic and you can't tell!
But isn't it funny?

I just love how my little Mini Me, Aidan, doesn't meet a stranger.
He just loves to talk to people and meet people.
He didn't even know the kid in this photo (top left).
But they made friends quick! They both like comic books :-)

And as usual, she likes doing her own thing.
The computers are her favorite!!
She volunteered to be part of one of the programs this week with Aidan!
He was a sculptor and she was playdoh. 
He was to sculpt her into the animal of their choice.
Well, she backed out pretty quickly!!! lol
And pouted about it for a while :-/
There were snowcones of course! And it was HOT HOT HOT outside!
Notice the messy, sweaty hair in the top right photo?!
emma 2

It's just been so stinkin' hot!!
But I must must must get out with my camera!

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