Monday, June 6, 2011

The Coupon Craze

When the going gets tough... the tough go couponing?!  Maybe so! 

Everything around our household seems to be focused around my joblessness as of late.  I still have a few days of being among the working, but the panic is setting in. Even though this was a CHOICE, not something that is being forced, the panic is there!!

Couponing seems to be something that could help out a lot.  If I can stick to it?!  So I decided to go to a Coupon Party and see what I could learn.  See if anything would sink in this thick head of mine. 

The party hostess, Marsha, aka The Coupon Ho (so deemed by her son, not ME!) has been couponing for a month and has already saved a bundle.  The photo below is just a fraction of the things she has gotten FREE.....

I was given so much info, that I'm still reeling from coupon info OVERLOAD.  To add insult to injury, I came home and surfed the web for MORE couponing info.  I need to find some way to process all this, organize it, sort it.  See what method works best for me.  There are so many deals out there.  Deals you combine with coupons.  Coupons you combine with deals.  Manufacturer coupons.  Store coupons.  Stores that double and triple coupons. Drug stores that offer "rewards". Wow!  How can I ever get this down?!  FOCUS.

Hopefully this handy-dandy notebook will help.  Plus, it's cute.  The scissors and clippys coordinate!  How could I go wrong with that?  There goes my ADD.  I get easily distracted by pretties....

If anyone has any suggestions for a newbie, I'd appreciate it! Happy Couponing :-)


  1. thanks for entering my giveaway! your blog is so CUTE!!!

  2. couponing is great, as long as you only use coupons for things you would normally buy. I think people often see coupons for things they don't normally get and end up getting them just because they have a coupon, which means they actually spent more than they normally would. One way we've recently saved money is by revisiting our cell phone plan, seeing we didn't use as many minutes as were allowed and switching to a lower plan. Then we cancelled our t.v. (we had satellite, which direct tv will let you suspend for 6 months even if your contract isn't up) and just got netflix and hulu plus through our xbox instead (you can do this through wii too). That saved us over $170/mo. by doing those two things. I also buy food in the bulk section or the perimeter of the store rather than already packaged food. I mean, especially things like flour, sugar, rice, pasta, are so much less expensive in the bulk section of winco.


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