Monday, June 13, 2011

My First Day of Nothing

Where do I even begin to tell you all the things I did today?! My first day home with no job... and I was so stinkin' busy!! NOT!!!

Seriously, I did a whole lotta NADA.

I was on baby donkey watch for a while. I cannot believe Molly Isabelle has not had her baby. 

This may be the worst picture EVER (Oh, Aidan and that big head!), but I wanted you all to see how big her belly is.... I feel so sorry her.  And the heat index was 104 today. Aidan even said when we got home the first time. "Isn't her belly just gonna pop?!"  If he only knew what was really going to happen, how donkey no. 5 was going to enter this world.  Maybe it's time to have that "birds and bees" talk.  Or that donkey and donkey talk?! WTH am I talking about... I have no idea. 

Anyway, started the morning out taking Aidan to his first VBS of the day.  I didn't stay.  I was afraid lightning may strike or something.  Then I took Coby to get his new Xbox game and controller (trade from some other crap he got at GameStop a few weeks ago that didn't work and games he's already mastered or won?), then got my previously blogged about freebies.

I watched a whole lot of LMN (boooo!).  I actually listened to a lot of it, while I looked at coupon websites, further confusing myself.  Why can't I turn away from LMN?  It's like a train wreck.  I just CANNOT turn away.  I know who the bad guy is, usually within the first 5 minutes.  And the acting?! Not good. Not good.  I think I'll stick with something like Judge Mathis or Judge Judy from now on.  That's what I watched during my lunch break back when I used to work.  WAY back when. Yep.

There's really no reason for this pic to be here... other than HE IS CUTE.  This was from last week when I was working on long exposure/over exposure (FAILURE) and he actually posed himself and said, "Here, take my picture like this." I was SHOCKED. And thrilled at the same time.

Headed to bed. Thanks for stopping by :-)

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