Monday, July 18, 2011

Manic Monday

How is it... I have no real job, but I always have something to do?! hehe  Not that I'm going to do it... just sayin'.  Take NOW for instance.  I should be doing laundry, cleaning the house, editing pictures. Instead, I'm sitting on my tush, waching Basic Instinct.  I haven't seen this movie in years! 

So, on to business.  I took Aidan on a session with me this morning.  I prefer not to, but he cried to go with.  How can I say no to that sad little face?! And those tears?! I usually can't.  Maybe that's why he's such a stinker.

This child usually won't wear clothes.  Well, he'll wear underwear. Shoes, pants, and shirt are apparently optional. But this morning he laid out about 15 shirts to choose from. He's at "that" age I guess.

We had a small "road block" on our way to the session (middle of nowhere). 

It was pretty funny actually.  Aidan got a kick out of it.

Good ol' East Texas. Dirt Roads. Cows.
And please excuse the dirty windshield in the above photo.  Darn bugs!

I think he was kinda crushin' on the pretty girl I was taking pics of.
I couldn't get him to get out of the truck this stop.

I always love a random shot. 
Part of the old barn where I love to shoot:-)

Aidan's friend Marissa has come over a lot this summer.
They got out and played on the slip'n'slide today.

Can you see my "ass" in the background.
Okay, it's my donkey.  But still, she's an ass.

Kind of a messy picture... but fun.

Another project....
A banner for my cousin's baby shower.
It's in the beginning stages.  But I think it's going to be great!

Any baby shower tips or suggestions would be appreciated!!
PLEASE!!  :-)


  1. great post!! love all your pictures, especially the eighth one. thanks for linking up!

  2. Love the sprinkler shots - you guys are keeping busy!


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