Thursday, July 14, 2011

This Dang Heat!!

Let's start this post off with a random photo of Honey, the sweetest stray cat EVER. 

He wandered up about a year ago and was wild as a March hare.  I was dead set on taming him. And I did.  It took time, patience, and some very scratched up arms, but he came around.  Now he is so friendly and loving!  But he is hell on the little field mice. And the poor little birds. I've found several HEADLESS "gifts" left by him on my front steps.  Thanks, Honey!

Now on to the heat.  It has been BRUTAL here in East Texas   My truck thermometer read 106 yesterday.  Seriously?! 106?!   I just brought home pizza so we didn't heat the house up with the oven.  Yeah, I know.  Any excuse not to cook.

The kiddos have played out in the water some, but not much.You know it's hot when they don't even want to play in the water.  And it's not even August yet?!  Please note that there are NO PICTURES of the kiddos playing in the water this week.  They get crazy and threaten my camera. True story. 

This is looking across the Sabine River from Joaquin, Texas over to Logansport, Louisiana.  There used to be a boat ramp here.  I guess there kind of still is, just with no water. Only a lot of grown up MESS. How sad is that?!  The river IS on the other side of this mess.  WE NEED RAIN!  I'm hearing thunder right now.  Come on water from the sky!

And who's that silly kid in the rubber boots?! That's Aidan.  He has to get up close and personal to inspect everything. Oh, that big headed hillbilly :-)

We went to see Cars 2.  Aidan has talked about it NON-STOP.  He loved Finn McMissile more than he ever loved Tow Mater.  I think Finn is cool, but cooler than Tow Mater?! I don't think so!  I must've dropped the kid on his head when he was small.  That's probably it.

 Here he is showing off his Cars 2 t-shirt and the new remote controlled Finn McMissile.

 This really is cool.  The sides come open and it shoots missiles out, just like in the movie.
Even has the little monacle :-)  It pops up when you press fire.

I see his sweet puppy dog eyes peeking up from behind the fort he built in the living room. 

 I don't think Finn can go any further than this!

 From inside the fort.  He's been dragging these old fold up chairs around
the house for the last few weeks. 
They're pretty handy for little boys that like building forts and ramps.

A warning for the squeamish!!
Don't scroll down!!!

This is where the ramps come in.  Aidan brought some boards in the house to build ramps for Finn. 
That was all fine and good for a while.  Until his toe met one of the boards kinda
up close and personal. 

 It wasn't good.
Pretty much took a chunk off the top of his pinky toe.

I had it bandaged up, but then he ran outside to jump on the trampoline for a little while.
And I do mean a LITTLE WHILE.  See above reference to the heat!
Now it's all sandy and nasty with dried up blood :-)


Happy Go Lucky

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  1. I wanna see Cars 2!!! That remote car looks pretty cool!

  2. Why did I scroll down?! It is seriously hot outside. I just hate it! Love your cat!


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