Monday, May 21, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

I have so much I want to share on my blogs, but I wanted to give them both makeovers first. Well, I started the makeover on this one, but I'm still not too crazy about it.  I definitely need to update the "About Me" sections, and I haven't even attempted my photography page makeover.  I have several ideas in this crazy, scattered head of mine.  Scary, I know.

But I'm oh so happy to be "scavenger hunting" again! Yay!!  Here are this week's prompts:

This is just a collection of the colorful goodies from our recent 
"Flashback to the 80's" parade and pageant that our little Princess/Diva was in.  All of my friends and FB peeps are probably tired of hearing about it. But it was pretty fun.  It wasn't one of those crazy "Toddlers and Tiaras" type pageants. I'll be blogging more about it later.  Basically, I splatter painted her shoes, clothes and anything that we decorated the truck with for the parade (balloons and all!) My arm is still sore from all that splattering.  As you can tell from the pic (hopefully), it even got on the rocks!  I think it looks pretty darn cool. 

Sorry, this pic is definitely technically challenged.  But this is Aidan Sawyer, that now wants to be called Buford.  And with THIS hair, I think the name kinda fits him? The boy's hair reminds me a lot of Harry Potter's, in that you cut it one day, and the next it's shaggy and messy again.  But his is definitely more {FLUFFY}. As soon as I uploaded this set, I KNEW this would be the one for this prompt!

I took this during the parade.  His little sis was in the back throwing candy so he wanted to be in the front throwing candy as well.  I think more candy was eaten than thrown.  By me anyway.  No need to guess where mama got stuck.  Can you see me in the rear view snapping pics from the back seat? They probably had it planned, thinking I couldn't take pictures from back there! HA!! Think again, fam! Think again!

I have to admit, I'm drawn to cemeteries.  I took this at a cemetery in Keatchie, Louisiana on our way to Shreveport the other day to get stuff for the parade/pageant.  Have I mentioned anything about the parade/pageant yet?! hehe, I crack myself UP.  

This was also taken in Keatchie, Louisiana at an old historic building. There were so many old, rusty bits and pieces there, but I thought this was the best.

As if the tree weren't unique enough, I tried a different angle when shooting it.  This was in the cemetery as well.


  1. Hey, I just have to say that I love this set of yours- Your angles are interesting and your subjects are awesome! Great job!

  2. Amazing bunch this week, love them all! Especially the rainbow! Interesting perspectives :)

  3. Awesome pictures with such interesting perspective, I think my favorite is the one of Buford with your camera peeking over the back seat....or maybe the one of the tree as I love taking pictures of trees from that angle! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  4. Shannon,
    Love the door knob picture. The tree is so eye catching, especially your angle.

    I find it neat to wander around in a cemetery also. I am going to help decorate for Memorial Day and am looking forward to the sights.

    Thank You for dropping by my blog!

  5. At that angle your tree looks really scary, but neat.
    I like your pictures.
    thanks for visiting me, and yes, 'ol red is a begger.

  6. Fabulous shots - love Fluffy! I also love the saturated colors in your photos!!!

  7. Wow, fantastic photos. I really love those last two.

  8. Such brilliant interpretations - I am really loving that first image!

  9. That first one is a definite flashback inducer.

    And the door knob is just too cool.

    But that tree? Omg, it looks like something out of Poltergeist which is fitting since you took it in a cemetery.

  10. I love your interesting perspectives with tree, letters, and metal. Very interesting!

  11. Really love the rainbow splatter paint effect on the shoes! Something about the metal doorknobs captivates me too.

  12. WOW! Your tree should is so cool! I've been playing with a similar angle on trees lately, and your photo is exactly what I have been TRYING to achieve! So cool! What lens/settings did you use?
    What a great set!


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