Sunday, June 24, 2012

Donkies Love Watermelon!

As I've been doing the last couple of Sundays, 
I'm linking up with Murieta 365 
for SOOC Sunday.
All of these shots are straight out of the camera,
no post processing.
I have, of course, cropped some of the photos somewhat, 
so that they fit into my collages.

I'm submitting this first photo to
Ni Hao Y'all
for her Sunday Snapshot.
My two sweet littles....
loving on Hot Rod the pup :-)

Ni Hao Yall

camera divider

Soooo.... I have donkies.
Three actually.
And THIS is Jack, the only male we have left.
He's silly, and a camera ham!
I think he was smiling for me .
What do y'all think?!
I think he needs to brush his teeth.

The kiddos were feeding the donkies watermelon.
That's the strangest way I've ever seen to feed them...
hanging it on the fence line?!
donk 1

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  1. Those donkeys are adorable! And the watermelon adds such a fun pop of color... great shots!

  2. Lovin' that strung-up watermelon! (And, donkeys are a fave of mine...along with stubborn ol' mules. LOL) Gorgeous shots, girl...especially for SOOC.

  3. Love the pictures!! The first time my son met a donkey was at a zoo a year ago. It pooped a ton right in front of us. He never talks about donkey without repeating that story! he he!

  4. These are such great photos! They made me smile! Love that donkey; yeah, I think he's smiling but girl does he need a dentist :o) I can't believe these shots are all SOOC; well done!

  5. Oh these are so sweet- I LOVE each & every one.

  6. I do agree, those teeth need some brushing! Haha. They're pretty cute. That was sweet of your kids to feed them watermelons.


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