Sunday, June 3, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday ~ 6/3

Oh, how I love Sundays :-) More importantly, Scavenger Hunt Sunday!
Here's what the kiddos and I came up with this week:

077 Look at the SHINE on those muddy feet!! GAG! 
We had a picnic at the park and found hundreds of tiny frogs and a teeny tiny turtle down by the water.
. Well, I went after the turtle, not realizing how mushy the mud actually was.
I sunk. And kept sinking.

You just cannot imagine how FAST I told my kids NO.
We are NOT getting a puppy. No, no way, no how.
Well, I'd like you all to meet Hot Rod. The newest edition to the Pate Zoo!
Okay, we don't really have a zoo.  But sometimes I think our kids are monkies.
We went out to visit my dad, and there were four little Pom mixes running amok.
Now there are only three running amok at his place, and one at ours  :-)

Not much LEFT there to blow off, Miss Priss!
I've taken her on a few sessions with me lately, and she always comes up with
some way to get her picture taken!  :-)

092 My little man trying to take a nap in PEACE after a rough morning of swimming.
I didn't use the flash, which he hates. So at least I gave him some peace and quiet.

It's just PLAIN toast....
until you put some good ol' homemade blueberry jam on it!
Then it's delightfully delectable!

Happy hunting, all! HOW FUN, as always!!


  1. oh my goodness that puppy is so cute!

  2. Great shots. I really like the second and third ones!

  3. I like your take on the words this week - and that puppy - so cute (we ended up with a cat in the same manner).

  4. These are wonderful. Love left and peace. So cute.

  5. what an adorable puppy... and the pictures of the children equally beautiful... love your interpretation for this week's SHS.

  6. Love the mud tootsies. Also, congrats on the newest addition: Hot Rod is soooo cute!!

  7. OMGosh Shannon, I can't tell you how happy I am to have found you & your LOVELY blog! SOooo darn happy! First off your pics are A-mazing, your kiddos are crazy adorable, & you are just super sweet & funny (& beautiful).... plus you might just have the CUTEST pup EVER! Every shot was awesome girl... but I especially LOVE your left take, so soft & pretty & the lighting is as well!

  8. plain toast made me smile, I always have to add something sweet to my toast.

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  10. Such cute captures you've taken this week! Enjoyed them all! :)

  11. Beat of luck with that cute puppy! I loved these pics, especially peace

  12. That little dog is REALLY cute! Love the sleeping capture, too.

  13. Such beautiful processing in this entire set - love love love all of them.

  14. These are all fantastic! I love LEFT :D She is so sweet.

  15. I LOVE fast! Such a cute face too! Puppies/dogs are the best :)


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