Saturday, June 30, 2012

* Sci Port Science Center FuN *

In my continued attempts to keep these kids busy this summer,
we went to Sci-Port Science Center in Shreveport, Louisiana.
It's 92,000 square-feet of science and math fun.
There are over 290 science, math and space exhibits!
And the kids LOVED it!
So did mama :-)


AlkaSeltzer experiment.
FUN! We need to do this one at home.

I'm linking up with Shadow Shot Sunday 2
for this second shot.
Look at the look in his face....
He's learning AND having fun.
Can't go wrong with that!

collage 1
A paper airplane launcher?! 
I think YESSSS!!!!
Lift, drag & thrust....
These are the things you can learn about 
at the computers near this exhibit.
They also had step-by-step 
tutorials on making different types of paper airplanes
and how these things apply to each.

collage 3
There were so many fun learning activities!!
They ran around like wild animals from place to place.
It was hard for me to keep up with them!!

collage 2
Aidan was trying to fly and land the space shuttle.
Pretty scary, I know.  See how observant he was!! hehe

collage 4
We had to create some sort of chemical reaction here 
to launch our rocket. I'm so smart.

collage 5
LuLu got in the wind tunnel.
Her hair was cracking me up!!!

collage 6
They thought the coolest part of the playhouse was calling each other!

collage 7
Don't they look cute in their hard hats?!
I didn't think I would EVER get them out of this area.

collage 8
I'll have both your heads on a platter!!

collage 10

collage 9
Well, we went to space, sailed on a ship and played with electricity.
Then went to see a movie.
Brave was pretty darn cute.
It was a LOOOOOONG day.

And, as usual, I have so many more pictures
from this fun day.
Already posting a bunch, so....
Save the rest for later maybe?


  1. Why is it that kids get bored so easily during the summer, when all they were thinking about during the school year was ... summer?

    San Miguel Shadows

  2. this series of shots! Looks like you had a wonderful time.. I remember taking my kids to the Pacific Science Center many times in Seattle and it never failed to fascinate them! Thank you Shannon, for sharing on Weekly Top Shot #37!

  3. What a fabulous place, and you have so many fun shots.

  4. What a fabulous place to play!! =) *jealous* Great pics!

  5. I bet those kiddos were knocked out after the trip. It's really fun to bring kids in places where they will have fun and gain new knowledge at the same time.


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