Monday, June 4, 2012

Splishin' and Splashin'

Our first week of summer flew by....
and the kids have tried to stay cool in this steamy East Texas heat.

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aidan water
I'm so disappointed that the bottom photo on the right came out blurry, but I couldn't NOT include it. He's just so precious!  His allergies have been giving him a hard time.  His left eye has been especially puffy and swollen. I think the water play has helped. Maybe? Okay, maybe that, the Zyrtec and the veramyst.


I'm linking up for MELLOW YELLOW MONDAY.
My kiddos slide doesn't get much more yellow!

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These kids have already torn up another water hose. How does that even happen?! No one will confess to it or say how it happened? Come on now. Really? I'm not going to spend another $12 to $15 for another one that they'll just tear up. Not even going to buy one of the more expensive ones that will last them a little longer either.
water fun 1
I took this junky torn up one and wrapped it around the limb of the big oak that goes just over the water slide that I also rigged up to go into this little "swimming pool". Well, that's what they think it is. And until I get our real WalMart mushrrom style pool up, they can keep thinking it :-) Mini Redneck water park anyone?  It has been a HUGE hit with the kids. Mine and several around the neighborhood redneck-hood.  There have been a few bumps, bruises, kid collisions and busted lips. But hey, they lived to tell it.  It'll just make them tough. Give them character. teeheehee

I think I'll write a tutorial... a DIY, on the technique I used to secure the fancy slide sprayer. Or just how I wrapped the junky torn up mess of a waterhose around the tree. Whatever. It did take skills.

splash fun

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  1. That looks like such fun!! Makes me want summer to arrive in Boston where it is 50 and rainy all week!

  2. So great that you rigged that up for your kids. It does look like so much fun! Love how you captured all the water splashes!

  3. Oh,my GOSH, Shannon....these photos are just awesome. LOVE the bokeh in the first few!

  4. These pictures are great! I love that last shot! Looks like they are having a blast! It's a great way to stay cooled off! I love your blog header and it looks like we have some things in common! I'm a follower now! You got me hooked :o)

  5. You have beautiful kids. I am now following your blog.

  6. Looks like a lot of fun! I am your new follower.

    Yellow Ride, would love for you to come and see it, I had fun!

  7. such cute pics! I love the top right photo in the first collage, and the top left photo in the third collage! Such great smiles!

  8. Awesome shots! You do a great job of capturing the fun of splishing and splashing!


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