Thursday, July 12, 2012

H is for.... HOLD THAT BABY IN!

These pictures were taken
this past Sunday, July 8th.

And as I'm posting....
this precious little mama is being checked into
the hospital to have her little man, Tuff!

So I wanted to share a few of the photos
from her maternity session.
And as always, some of my ramblings.


Maybe we did wait until 
the last minute to have her session!?
But I  guess what counts
is that we got 'em done in time!

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And I'm very proud of how they turned out.


I've seen these used in maternity shoots before,
but she and I weren't really sure WHAT to do with it!
We did quite a few shots,
actually a LOT with this piece of cloth,
but this one turned out to be our fave.
She looks almost like a goddess.

I feel like I'm growing as a photographer.
And learning so much.
But I still see so many things I need to work on.
The little details I need to catch while shooting.
Things I need to plan ahead for and think about in advance.

I've tried doing this as a "business" several times
over the past three years.
But this time feels very different.
I dumped my cheesy business name
and will just stick with MY name.




maybe she'll call me to come over and snap a few 
pics after the little man is born?

I have another newborn scheduled for next Wednesday.
I can't wait!
Stay tuned for pics of new baby Mallory :-)

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  1. Oh, Shannon, what pretty pictures!

  2. Lovely poses, glorious light and a great choice of DOF for many of your shots and that piece of cloth was so creative.

  3. She is just precious!!!!!! It is SO much fun when your client is just full of life. Photography is a learning process for never stop learning. You are doing a great job...major love for this post.
    Laurie @ Pride in Photos

  4. You've got some really lovely shots. What a wonderful memory to have preserved so beautifully.

  5. I love these shots - wish I looked as gorgeous back then..! :-D

  6. These pictures are beautiful....and she is just precious! You definitely have an eye for this!

  7. These are so lovely! What treasures! Waiting till near the end of her pregnancy is perfect because she's so sweetly huge.
    definitely a goddess in that photo!

  8. Oh my goodness these are STUNNING!!!!!!!!! and just in time too. Aren't you glad you captured these- she will cherish them forever.

  9. These are beautiful photos! I do have a photography question though if anyone may be able to answer it. I want to take some photos of my daughter in the evening around 6:30 pm. What are the best settings to have my camera on in manual mode for that time of the evening?
    Love your photos btw! =)

  10. I love the first shot. It's very flattering to her and I love that the hint of her being pregnant says it all. It's really lovely.

  11. Lovely!

    *Visiting from Mrs, Jenny's!

  12. I truly love the one with the cloth. You're right that she looks like a goddess. I certainly think you should be able to do this as a business. Good luck!

  13. These are all great!!!

    Love them!

    My daughter is going to have her first baby this Saturday....wish she could have done a maternity shoot with you. :)

  14. A lovely mom to be and I love the setting you chose.

    Thank you for sharing at Rural Thursdays this week, Shannon. xo

  15. These pictures are amazing!! Nice work.

  16. These are beautiful, I especially like the cloth goddess one and the husband & wife together. She is a beautiful mom-to-be, glad you got these all in before the big day. Beautiful work, Shannon.

  17. These are all wonderful! She will certainly cherish them always. Nice work!

  18. I really love the one with the cloth! Beautiful photography!

    Blessings & Aloha!

  19. Your photos are lovely! I think you did a wonderful job of photographing this beautiful young lady! Best wished on the new little one too!

  20. Oh Shannon. She is beautiful. I think this could be a niche for you. You really seem to capture the maternity glow. I wonder why I didn't look like this 100 years ago when I was pregnant. Sigh...

    Lovely work.

    Your talent really shines!

    Thanks for sharing it.


  21. These are so awesome! I wish I had done it one of the 3 times I was pregnant! (Of course, I looked like a cow on steroids - no amount of photography skills could make that look good!)


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