Monday, July 9, 2012

Finally.... FIREWORKS!

I guess I got a little behind with the blogging....
I was doing so well!
The good thing is, I got behind because I got
busy with my photography.

We did a few pre-4th of July fireworkin'.
These parachute guys are the coolest thing!
collage 2

But this poor parachute fella didn't have a good ride down.
He lost his legs upon lift-off.
The boys thought it was pretty awesome though.
My son's friend's reaction is priceless!
I couldn't hear what he said,
but I'm sure it was something along these lines...
"Dude! DUDE! Really?! It blew his legs off!"
collage 3

A closer look at the damage...
collage 4

Now what could've happened?

Ahhhhhh, we got one guy stuck in a tree.

We just bought one of those $15 variety packs for this good time....
But it was definitely worth it.
collage 1


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  1. Cute photos! Your photos are just amazing =)

  2. Cute! Would love for you to link your firework photos up with my fireworks linky ;)
    you can visit here:
    Hope to see u soon ;)

  3. This looks like so much fun! I love the expression when they find the poor one with his legs blown off!

  4. Nice shots!!

    New follower from the Texas Bloggers group.


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