Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Tuesday Troubles

{ A job in sales may not be in the cards for this kid }


Aidan got some sea shells from his cousin
and got it in his mind that he could SELL THEM
to make enough money for a dirt bike!


So he and his little sis drug out her princess table and chairs....
that have certainly been to hell and back...
and his desk, and set up shop.


As you can see, she wasn't much interested.
Her brother said if she helped, he'd get her some Oreos.
I guess she didn't know there were already Oreos in the pantry?!
Wonder where she thinks he got them?!


They also drug out a ton of broken toys and crap they didn't want.
How CREEPY is that doll head?!


And her hair?!
Shouldn't it be ON her head?!
Looks kinda like mine when I wake up in the morning.


Are you guys as shocked as I am that no one stopped and bought anything?!
I think just seeing that crazy doll head ALONE would keep me from stopping.


Aidan stayed outside for about 10 minutes.
He got LuLu to stay out for almost an hour watching his stuff.

I snapped this one from the living room window.
He has patience like his mama.
Lulu was content to just hang out...
waiting for customers with the kitty...
(he's that gray lump at the bottom of the pic)
while eating Oreos.


I don't guess he'll be getting a dirt bike any time soon.


But we will need to go to the store for some more Oreos.

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  1. The way he delegates he's born management material :O)

  2. Your kids are fab. The doll is creepy to the max. In fact your son could easily get the money from you for the bike if he threatened to bring the doll back in the house otherwise :)

  3. Hey at least someone was happy...yum...chocolate oreos!

  4. that is too funny. and yes that doll head is a little creepy.

  5. OH My Goodness! Your kids are just too funny! This is totally something that would have happened in my house growing up. LOL

  6. cute post, I love the little seashell stand!

  7. That's cute. At least they have the initiative to start something to make money.


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