Friday, June 10, 2011

Just The Two of Us

How is this for Flashback Friday?!

These photos were taken with disposable cameras, and I didn't even know what photo editing software was!! True story.  These are all unedited, as will be VERY evident.

My little Coby at 7 years of age... he's 14 now!

Back in 2004, when it was just Coby and me, we took a road-trip.  We started out in Rowlett, where we lived back then, and headed out through West Texas.  I remember thinking how funny it was that Coby was excited about seeing a tumbleweed!

Ahhhh, a tumbleweed....and litter.

We went through Roswell, New Mexico.  The poor little fella was terrified.  I loved it! The whole freakishness of it all!  At one of the alien museums there, some guy was telling us stories of various abductions he had heard of through the years.  One was the abduction of his pregnant girlfriend. Apparently, she WAS pregnant with twins before the abduction.  But one fetus was missing after she was returned. The aliens kept it, to raise it as their own. These guys were nice enough though, to come back years later, abduct her again and let her visit the other twin they had raised.  Coby still remembers this.  I guess I scarred him for life with this visit :-/

Did I mention the cheesiness of it all?! I loved it! Still do... we went back last year with the rest of the fam.

And on to the Santa Fe Rail in Santa Fe, New Mexico. 
There once was a time when he didn't think he was too cool for me to take his picture.  He would even do SiLlY things for them! Woohoo!
Coby is a souvenir junky!  This was his little jar of gold shavings from the gift shop.
He just couldn't believe that he OWNED REAL GOLD.

It was a gorgeous ride out into the hills.  And dry.  Not the nasty humidity like we have here in East Texas.

Our next destination was Colorado.
We went to the Downtown Aquarium in Denver.
What crappy pictures!! hehe

And these were the best two!! I know we got to touch the sting rays.  We also walked over this huge, thick tank of sharks.  Guess we didn't get pictures of that.  Or they didn't turn out.

This one was taken at Red Rocks Park outside Golden.
I sure miss this little guy, but am so proud of the bright, witty young man he has become.

Here he is, striking a pose!!

Although I have a different take on the prompt GOLDEN, we were actually in Golden, Colorado.

Man, oh man, was this water frigid! It was snow melt off the mountains.  If I remember correctly, this was Clear Creek.  We panned for gold, but didn't find anything worth writing home about.  It was absolutely beautiful though,  You could see the gold sparkling through the ripples of water.  Just mostly little flakes of it.

Buffalo Bill's grave was also in Golden.  They say it's haunted.  Hubby and I actually saw a story about it on an episode of Ghost Hunters on Syfy (I think that was the network). 
Look at these photography SKILLZ!

Rumor is that Buffalo Bill may not even be buried here?
Some people say he's buried in Cody, Wyoming, a town he founded, while others say he's in North Platte, Nebraska, where he spent many years. But most believe he IS here. Who knows? It's just interesting to me.

This little, sulky cutie pie is interesting to me too.  He was probably mad because I wouldn't buy him some $50 dollar rock, or something like that!
Not much has changed....

This was Fraser Tubing Hill in Winter Park, Colorado.  SOOOO fun!  You just feel so out of control though, speeding down that hill.  Quite a rush. There was no steering your tube, or I couldn't do it!

I'm loving that finger in the shot there.  And look at that silly little boy.  Wow! Reminds me so much of the way Aidan is now.  They are so much alike, but so different at the same time.

Look at him, all bundled up! 
We snowmobiled up through the Rockies. It was such a thrill.

I think this was his favorite part of the trip.
We were up to about 13,000 feet, there was a storm blowing in, and it was COLD.  I remember being terrified at one point, on the way down, that he would get blown off the snowmobile. 

He just enjoyed making snowballs, snow angels, you name it.  I was freezing my butt off, but loving it at the same time. Mostly loving that he was loving it!

This looks like one of those shots of a Yeti or Big Foot!

This was a fun trip down memory lane for me. This was such a fun trip.  I love, love, love road trips.  I hope we can go back to Colorado with Josh and Aidan sometime soon.  This was a Spring Break trip, so maybe next year?! You just never know where life will lead you.....

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