Saturday, June 4, 2011

Looking for snakes?!

Did I, in all honesty, go LOOKING for snakes?! YES! I DID!!  As I was out earlier, roaming around our place, I actually saw a snake.  But I was so surpised by SEEING one that I didn't get a picture.  Imagine that?! I, the queen of snapping pics of EVERYTHING, didn't snap a picture.  So after describing this snake to hubby, he said it was a king snake.... a snake that EATS other snakes. Not harmful to me. But a snake is a snake.

Anyway, I went out again... hoping to see this fella.  But didn't.  I did snap a few cool pics though.

This is our pitiful pond. We need rain TERRIBLY.  This yellow and green MESS has taken over. It was 100 degrees with 100% humidity today. The little shower this afternoon cooled it down to about 85 though.  I found 3 dead turtles in my ramblings.  I love my turtles, so this makes me sad :-/  But no snakes.  DANG IT.

Every time I turned around, I would see an ass.  hehe.  I crack myself up!!  Mama, there in the back, should be having a baby any day.  Every morning, I think I'm going to see a baby, but no baby yet.

We should call this place The Pate's Petting Zoo... we have animals everywhere.  Or maybe the Pate's Funny Farm.  That seems a lot more apporpriate.

This is our sweet kitty, Honey, and Jack.  Jack thinks he needs to assert his dominance over everyone and everything.  We got a sweet baby jack, Donk Donk, a few months ago.  He stays in exile, at the back of our place, because Jack is so mean to him.  We rarely see the poor fella.

Our place is really growing up!  We need to trim back some trees.  This is the back of our old barn.

Well, I guess I better call it a night.  I've rambled enough!

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  1. loves these photos! thank you for sharing them with us. simply beautiful and certainly inspiring. :)


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