Monday, June 20, 2011

Playing school with the kiddos....

I loved playing school as a little girl.  I was always the bossy teacher!  Now my niece, Skylar is the bossy teacher.  I think she's more bossy than me though.

We've been playing today. I've been the principal, Emma and Aidan have been the unruly students, and Skylar is Miss Bossy.  Basically, I'm just here for discipline and to make copies of her "lessons".

I think we need to come up with a cute name for our school, or at least our classroom... any suggestions?  And how much would Skylar love to have a real teacher's gradebook?!  I also thought about getting her some kind of bell, to tell them when class starts and ends.  Just go OVERBOARD!! We'll definitely need to make a trip to Teacher's Warehouse in Center, or to that other teacher's store in Nac.  I love both of those places, even as an adult. So many pens, paper, and things for classroom walls!!

This was Miss Bossy's first assignment for the little ones.

Emma was so excited that we let her have scissors!!

All his curls are gone again....

He says, "Quit taking my picture, woman!"  But then he's in my face!!!
I love this bald-headed kid!  Such a personality :-)

Random... but pretty :-)
Coloring was part of their assignment today.
And of course you know there has to be a few broken crayons in there.
They DO belong to Aidan Sawyer!

Here is Miss Bossy with Aidan and the class pet, Hurricaine.
And please don't correct my spellling.... this is how his name is spelled.
Wink wink, Stephanie S.

Hard working, yet UNRULY students, Emma and Aidan.
Coloring IS hard work, ya know...

Another assignment, but I'm pretty sure they didn't understand this one!!!

Look at that pretty girl! I mean, teacher!! lol
She had me copying so much, I'm almost out of black ink! Gonna have to switch over to the fax machine I guess!  Ink for it is more expensive though....

I couldn't resist!!

Hubby came up with some rules for us!
He is so stinkin' funny!!
Guess he doesn't get that Skylar and I are running this :-)

Well, this was our day. I'm enjoying being home with the kids.
I've only been off a week, so that could still change.... but I'm enjoying it while it lasts!
Of course, it helps that we have such awesome kiddos!!!

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