Thursday, June 9, 2011

Taking Aidan to Work With Me

Monday was a GrEaT day.... I took Aidan (aka The Big Headed One or Big Head) to the funeral home with me. This was the start of my last week at work.  It's getting harder every day to give up such a great job.  But I've got some things in the works.  Things I can do from home or in my "spare" time! lol

He did a lot of playing.  He and my co-worker Stevie built paper airplanes.  I just love the faces he makes! 

Whoa, dude!! That paper airplane almost got stuck in the chandelier!

These are the kinds of things that happen when we're not busy at work :-)

And again with the chandelier!!

He wanted to know what this "weird lookin' thing" was.  Yes, I still have an old, antiquated TYPEWRITER! Gshhh!  Some people aren't online to do death certificates.  I like to call her Old Faithful.  And look how well he types!  He really loves his mom.

Okay, it was really just a bunch of gibberish, but a girl can dream.  I'm sure if he could write and read well, that's what he WOULD have typed.

The poor child eventually started hiding from me.  He does this every now and again, only because I take SOOOO many pictures!! I want to capture everything, but do actually refrain sometimes.  I mean I DO let him use the restroom without taking his pic.  He should appreciate THAT! Right?!

I got him to go outside and take down my hummingbird feeder.  The hummingbirds have stopped coming around anyway.  All I can figure is the 100 degree temps got to 'em?!

We brought his desk and tons of arts and crafts goodies for him to work on back in the apartment.  He watched PBS and cut and pasted some stuff.  Look at that face!

He found a roley poley by the back door.  And WHERE did it end up?! On my desk.  He can find FUN anywhere.....

I guess a day at work with mom wore him out, because he passed smooth out with his sucker from the bank in his mouth before we got home!!

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