Thursday, June 2, 2011

Texture Thursday

This is Brayden and he is ONE!! I had a blast with this kiddo and his family for a "1 Year" session a couple days ago.  I just love the look on his precious little face in this picture! In my mind he's thinking, "Ooooooooh this cake is so yummmmmy!!"

And BTW.... I'm just IN LOVE with all the wonderful blog Photo Challenges :-) Gotta go find some more to enter!!

The Daily Wyatt


  1. This is so sweet, Shannon! He is a cutie! Love the tones and the use of texture here, and what a beautiful setting, as well! Looking forward to seeing more of your work ... I'm just an 'empty nest' mom, wanting to have some fun with my camera, too. I've practiced for a few years now, and hopefully I'll make a little extra on the side soon! :) My daughter-in-law just got into that coupon thing, herself ... yep, these days, it's a smart thing to do! It was good to meet you ... have a great day! -Deborah

  2. Don't think you could have edited this any more perfectly! Thanks for the comment on my photography blog today. :)


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