Saturday, July 23, 2011

More of our Summertime

As if the boys couldn't find enough water, or things to get into on our trip to Camp Tonkawa Springs Thursday, they managed to find the back side of the place. 

These boys love to explore, get muddy and play in the water.  So they were bound to find this place!

I'm bummed that Trystan, the blonde in the lead, turned out blurry.  He was on the move and I guess I had my shutter speed pretty slow. Darn it!  I'm been trying to shoot completely manual, and I get frustrated when I want to quickly snap a shot, but the lighting conditions have changed.  I'm learning though.  Slowly but surely.

What I really do love about this photo is how muddy Aidan's backside is!  And he refused to wear shoes.... I guess I'm just lucky he had pants on.

Oh, my little hillbillies :-)

The Paper Mama 


  1. Ahh boys and mudd! hehe! i have been trying to work on manual pictures too!!

  2. Aww. Cute photo.


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