Friday, July 22, 2011

Flashback Friday

Since we're going back to Florida next week, I figured I would share photos from one of our earlier trips for Flashback Friday.

These were from August 2007.

Look at my little dudes!

Coby caught a jellyfish! Yuck!

Soooo..... Coby had had enough of the little bro.

He had to taste the sand to make
sure it wasn't edible?!

He chased birds more than he played in the sand.
Or ate sand.

We caught this little guy, but ended up setting him free.
Coby thought we could just take him home with us. NOT!

This was back in the day when Coby would actually LET me take his picture.
I sure miss those days.
I don't get to blog much (if any) about him.
Oh, teenage angst.

The ladies seem to follow him!

Where'd my ladies go?

Coby was showing off his tattoo.

We are all so excited to go back and make more great memories!!

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  1. Looks like so much fun! I love the shot of Coby buried in the sand. Watch out though, you're gonna get in trouble for calling out the teenage angst!

  2. My son has curls like that. So cute. :)

  3. Great shots! Looks like so much fun! I need me some beach time!! :0)

  4. I love family vacations! I remember going to Florida with my family. How wonderful to get another chance to do that. Love the pictures!


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