Sunday, July 10, 2011

Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt Sunday items this week: Things that look like a letter of the alphabet,
Weather, Bling, Tangled and Dark.

Aidan and I had fun with this, as always.  Just got too stinkin' hot and sweaty! I feel so bad for the people that have to work out in this heat!! I go out for a few hours here and there for photo shoots, or situations like this, to play around with my camera, but GEESH!!  My husband works out in it for at least 12 hours a day when he's working, and it must be  horrible.  He works hard to provide for us..... THANKS, HUBBY!!! WE LOVE YOU!!  Please stay cool and hydrated!!

Here are my interpretations, however loose they may be:

{Things that look like a letter of the alphabet}
I see a V and a U? Maybe?

Here in East Texas, this is all we've had lately by way of {weather} : SUNSHINE! And it's brutal. 
My truck says it's 100 degrees right now, and it's parked in the shade!
Will this ever end?!

Kitty Bling :-)
This is the Purricaine.... he was HurriCAINE.
And as I've mentioned before, please don't correct my spelling!!
This is how I meant to spell it!

Some old rusty, tangled barbed wire we came across.

Snapped this photo of an old well while taking pictures near an abandoned house this week.  See my reflection way down there in the bottom?! It's DARK down there!! hehe


  1. Love your bling and tangled photos. The tangled photo is very neat with the added shadow.

  2. These are great! Your kitty looks smashing in his bling and the picture of the dark well makes my stomach tie its self in knots!

    Tamar - joining in the SHS fun for the first time!

  3. Lovely sunburst! Your bling shot is awesome not sure the cat is enjoying the experience but great shot. The light on your tangle shot is so perfect.

  4. That dark freaks me - and I love the weather!!

  5. Fantastic job with the prompts this week. I love that sunflare and your bling shot!

  6. Love the kitty bling! Beautiful photos and the sunburst is gorgeous!

    Nice visiting your blog!

  7. Love your bling photo! So cute! ;)

  8. Really lovely interpretations of this weeks items, I love Kitty and tangled and sunburst, Oh all of them! Thanks for visiting me.


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