Thursday, May 31, 2012

Green-Eyed Country Girl

I took some pictures for a friend of mine a couple days ago.
She was so insecure at first, and so self conscious.
Worried that every picture would turn out terrible!
She finally loosened up and just had a little fun.
Here are a few shots of that green-eyed country girl..... 

Isn't she amazing?!

Happy Go Lucky


  1. What lovely pictures they are beautiful
    Hi im a new follower from the blog hop I hope you will have time to come visit me in the uk at

  2. She is! YOU did an A-mazing job capturing this beautiful lady, LOVE the sun light!!

  3. Great shots! I've been working on trying to capture the personality of the person I'm photographing - looks like you already have that nailed!

  4. I'm happy that she eventually had fun with it, she looks amazing. I am now following you and found you via 'Mingle With Me' blog hop.
    Hope you have a wonderful day!

  5. First can I say I love the Name of your Blog and 2nd, your friend is gorgeous, the last 2 shots are my favorite. Nice to meet you, stopping by from the Blog Hop.

  6. No doubt your friend realized just how gorgeous she is when she saw your photos! Fabulous shots Shannon! Love them all! (and the way you presented them here!)

  7. Wow these turned out great and yes she is a lovely woman.


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