Thursday, May 31, 2012

Magic, books & snowcones...

Happiness is....
My sweet kiddos at the "liberry"!!

Me and the littles went to the kickoff of the summer reading program at our local library today.
They had so much fun.
They feel so important because they have their very own library cards.

just my type ribbon 04

Books, books and more books.
They both love to read, or be read to.
It still amazes me to hear Aidan actually reading a book.
Emma will read through the books and sing the parts she remembers.
Or even make up what she thinks the books should have said.
And then there were the movies.
The little lady got a couple Strawberry Shortcake movies last time we went
and we've seen them each a couple hundred times!
Okay, I may be exaggerating a little.
So we just renewed those instead of checking out more. YAY!
No sarcasm there....
just my type ribbon 04

Ahhhh.... snowcones.  Did I mention there were snowcones?!
I love this little girl to pieces!

She is so different than her brother about the camera.
It's hard sometimes to get candid shots of her.
She always wants to smile that cheesy smile and strike a pose.
What a camera HAM!
emma collage 700a
just my type ribbon 04

These two are buddies.
This is one of his best friends, and cousin. They're only 6 months apart.
I hope they stay close as they grow up.
I just love all the expressions Aidan makes.
Look at that scrunched up nose posing there with Braylin in the sun.
I don't know what they were talking about as Aidan had his arm around him.
I can just hear him though, saying, "Come on, dude. Let's go torture my little sister."
aidan and bray wade
just my type ribbon 04

They had a magician, or illusionist I believe he called himself.
He started off by telling them he didn't have a real live bunny.
He put a picture of a bunny in the tube.
It made me a little nervous, because doesn't that look a lot like the Playboy Bunny?!
I really wasn't sure what he was going to pull out of that tube!! HEHE
In the middle picture, it looks a lot like a stuffed one!
But lo and behold, it was a real live bunny named Mr. Little.
just my type ribbon 04

I tried to get as many of their expressions as I could.
I just didn't have a good view of Aidan.
I got the biggest kick out of Emma and Braylin.
Emma got so tickled at one point her face was red!



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  1. I love how your captured the yellow objects the drink and ribbon (in those photos of your daughter). Monika

  2. Great photo's and stories to go with it.

  3. I really enjoyed this post with losts of great photos. I love your writing style.

  4. Great pictures! We have also discovered the Strawberry Shortcake movies at the library; I finally had to ban them from our house, they watched SS so much! :)

  5. What fun! Great captures for future memories :)

  6. Oh I love that quote on books... it is great. Love that shot of the boys together. It is great.


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