Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sunday, Sunday, SUNday

Happy Sunday and Memorial Day weekend, all. Thank you to all the military men and women who serve or have served our country. We appreciate you and all you do to protect and serve and provide us the FREEDOM we enjoy each and every day!

It's been quite a lazy one for us. The little girl didn't come home until yesterday afternoon from spending a few days with some family. So the littlest boy and I just took it easy.  We did go to the park for a bit to try to get a "movement" photo of the train. Unfortunately, it was entirely too bright for what I was wanting to try, and the train was moving incredibly slow. Of all the years I've lived in this town, I've never seen the train move that slow! Of all times...  

And yes, I do have a 15 year old that I don't speak of much... we don't see him unless he's hungry or needs money :-)  But I am proud of him and want to brag about him for a sec.  He got higher standard (which I believe is the same as commended from our previous TAKS tests) in four of his STAAR tests, and in biology he says he was tied with another student for the highest score! I now have a sophomore, 1st grader and preK'er.

Well, on to it!  The scavenger hunt was kind of tricky for me this week, but I had help from the kiddos.  Can't wait to see everyone else's interpretations...

{Beneath Your Feet}
UGGH!! Fireants! 
They're always beneath our feet here in East Texas. And more often than UNDER, they're ON your feet! Stinging the FIRE out of you! 
I'd like to put the disclaimer "No fireants were harmed in the taking of this photo", but it would be a BIG FAT LIE! I struggled to get this photo.  And it's still not great.  It was a learning experience for sure.

{Capturing Movement}
I tried so many experiments with this one.
But I went with a good old kiddo splashin' in the water pic.  That's one thing Aidan never complains about me taking pictures of.... him playing in the water.

Chickens on the Moon

We have quite a few of these trees around our place.
I just love the roughness of the trunks.
Anyone have any idea what kind they are?!

{Face Your Fears}
I have to admit something.... I totally cheated on this one!  But I was definitely facing my fear of snakes as I chased this fella up the hill just to snap a picture of him! That should count for something?!  It was just a week earlier than this challenge!?  And even though I'm told he's a harmless snake, he's still CrAzY big!! Harmless or not, HE.IS.A.SNAKE.

Currently, I am on a Monster, caffeine, and just sugar in general.... BINGE!
I've never been a health food nut, to say the least.
But come on, Shannon! Ya gotta snap out of it!
I'll let y'all know how that goes :-/


  1. Great set - really love your capturing movement shot. That looks like fun.

  2. Great movement shot and that huge snake gave me the willies.

  3. Your patience sure paid off with the 'capturing movement' picture. Thanks for visiting.

  4. Love your shots! Face your fears actually gave me the willies! Yikes!

  5. The name of your blog cracks me up! But with such gorgeous kids, of course you are snapping photos all the time! Enjoyed your SHS shots. Not sure which makes me shudder worse - the fire ants or the snake. Look forward to seeing more!

  6. Great photos, my goodness that snake is huge! Well done you. About my fly photo, thank you, I have a great Canon Macro lens which I adore.

  7. OMG Shannon! Love your blog and your set this week! your 'beneath my feet' might just be my biggest fear! Only swarmed by them once, while on a Florida vacation but passed out (for the first time in my very long life). Eeeek!
    Loved the rest of your set! and also your 'graduation' pics posted today...congrats Mama! "you done good!"

  8. Great shots! Love the water one!

  9. Yikes Snakes and Fire Ants! - Kudos for getting the shots.
    Movement was pretty awesome.
    Texture, Those are cool trees, sorry I don't know the type though.
    Currently, Oh I love Smarties!

  10. Perfect finds for the prompt. Snakes and fire ants. ;(

  11. Love the capturing movement, water!


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