Monday, May 28, 2012

What a week!

There's no way in this world to pick a BEST picture this week....
This will have to be close enough.

My littlest man graduated kindergarten this week.
When he stood up to tell his name and what he wanted to be when he grew up...
He said he wanted to be a geologist! I am one proud mama.
Most of the other boys want to be cops, which is a proud profession.
Most of the little girls want to be cheerleaders.
The way I see it, our town will be safe & happy when these kiddos grow up.

Hubby is on his 14 day hitch, so he couldn't make it to his graduation. That's why he's missing from the middle picture.  And I'm sure we can all guess where Coby, the 15 year old is?!
Standing to our side. No WAY was he getting in the picture.  At least he did attend the graduation.

And then there's the princess...
She was in her first pageant. But she was way more interested in the candy she got to throw. She threw all of maybe three pieces. I think she was picking through it and finding what she wanted to eat instead.
If you can't tell, the theme for the pageant and parade was the 80's.  She won Most Awesome Hair.  And man oh man, does she have some AWESOME hair!!

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  1. AHHHHH! These are SOOOOO fantastic! First off thank YOU SO MUCH for linking up with Finagle... LOVE your blog & I'm your newest follower.

    Now onto your RAD pictures.... yes I said RAD! OMGoodness, how crazy cute are your kiddos. LOVE how you captured so much of their character, & the collages are just perfect. Also... I love having my sweet 3 year old little boy... but your lil girls outfit it is reason alone I NEED to have a girl one of these days!! SO cute, & she does have AWESOME hair indeed.)

  2. Super sweet post & picts! That picture of you and your littles reminded me how much I need to take more pictures with my kids! Thank-you!
    PS Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog!

  3. I should be cleaning house too, and that is exactly what I'm going to finish doing as soon as I say thanks to you for signing up as a follower to my photography blog! I appreciate your kind comments. - Your kids are just precious!

  4. Adorable collages of your kiddos! Dying over those kindergarten photos--sooooo cute!

  5. Such cute images - your little graduate looks so incredibly cute in his tie :)

  6. So very cute! What a fun time in life!


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