Friday, June 29, 2012

InstaFriday {Short & Sweet}

I'm still loving my InstaGram app! LOVING!
And I've found several sweet apps to go along with it!

  life rearranged

These first two have to be my favorites!
There's nothing like an East Texas sunset.
These were both taken just down the road from our house.


The pup and I partied like ROCK STARS
over the weekend. The kiddos went
 to their Naynay's for a couple nights.
blog 6 23

The little guy had a terrible earache.
The stuff that was coming out of his ear was...
Was.... well, unspeakable.
Doc says no swimming for a week.
Like THAT is going to happen.
Both the littles think they have to get a stuffed
animal from the pharmacy when they're sick.
I guess they think right.
The kids always get something at the pharmacy when they're sick .... Lil dude has swimmers ear :-/

More library time.
They have some super cute games on their computers.
I'm so glad the kids love the library :-)

Blogging and wine?
I think YESSSS!!
What the what?! Wine and blogging. That's what!

And to wrap it all up, we went to Sci Port.
Super fun for the kiddos!
It's a hands-on type of museum where they
learn all about science and math.
All kinds of good stuff!
Aidan was brave enough to experiment with
Alka Seltzer tablets.


  1. Your sunset pictures are gorgeous! That look on your daughters face in the last shot is precious. :) thanks for stopping by.

  2. I LOVE the name of your blog! Your sunset pictures are beautiful! Have a great weekend!

  3. I was able to read that blog about your trip to Sci Port. I love those unset pictures.


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