Friday, June 29, 2012

This or That Thursday

I have so much to post!
Just not enough time to do it!!!
I'm still trying to keep these kiddos busy this summer,
while keeping the camera in their face!!
I kid! I try to stay out of the way and just let them be.
Enjoy themselves. I love the candid shots.
But occasionally, I get caught.

So, school is out for summer!
Has been for us for a month now.
But this is just a tidbit of how we're spending our summer

Aidan took a friend with him to the library one day this week.
Derik looked at the movies for a hot second.
Then a few books..... collage 2

Then it was on to cricket chasing.
collage 3

They did a program on nutrition.
The kids weren't too happy when they heard what it was about!
But they really enjoyed it!
Especially when they gave out free pencils for answering questions right.
Seriously?! Pencils.
Like we don't have them everywhere at home?!
And then there was the fruit pizza!!
It was so yummy!
collage 4
{F is for FRUIT PIZZA}
Jenny Matlock

We had a little feeding frenzy ....
picking fruit off each other's plates.
And there was a projector for the presentation.
Who doesn't love shadow animals on a projector?!
collage 5
It was time to go and I got to looking for the boys...
They were up to something outside!!
They had caught the cricket and put him as high up as they could reach.

camera divider

My poor little LuLu! 
If you follow me, you may remember her fall into her play kitchen?!
Her teeth used to be straight.
Now her two front teeth go back more than they should.
And her poor little upper lip is purple and black!
AND! Did I mention she looks like Cindy Lou Who from the Grinch!
It has gone down some. This was the morning after.
collage 1



  1. Your poor girl! Hope the swelling is down soon! That's too funny with the cricket in the library!

  2. How fun to catch a cricket in the library. I hope your daughters mouth feels better soon. Poor baby.

  3. I love pencils for prizes. We probably have 100's of them from over the years.

  4. Hello.
    What a lovely post. Nice photos. Hope the lovely Miss Lulu is feeling better. Thanks for sharing.

    Flaws Of A Woman

  5. fruit pizza--YUM!
    chasing crickets--so fun!
    I hope LuLu is much better now!

  6. Oh no! I'm laughing at your little Cyndie Lou Who! She is darling.

    I haven't had fruit pizza in years, but I remember it fondly.

    That would be a fun dessert to make with my Grandlittles!

    Hope your 4th is Fantastic!

    Thank you for linking.


  7. I am sorry for your little girl. I hope she gets better soon. I think that fruit pizza really looked delicious. I'll start searching online for some recipe.


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