Friday, June 22, 2012

My First InstaFriday :-)

I am VERY new to Instagram. AND.I.LOVE.IT.
I love that I can just snap a photo, wherever I am, whatever I'm doing.
And BAM! There it goes... out to the world.
To Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, etc.
Ahhhhh, technology. I've been so far behind for so long :-/
And what important things am I doing and sharing?!
Well, just take a look for yourself!
It is total AWESOMENESS!!
I'm smoking a cigar. But I'm NOT smoking a cigar.
How real does that look?!
And how cool is that hat?! I mean, c'mon!!

NOW, I can
immediately share with the world
that "Mommy NEEDS wine!"
Cheap wine from Wal Mart, but still!
Groceries are so dang expensive,
you have to scrimp somewhere.
{See SCRIMP Definition Below Photo}
Side note: The wine is still in the wine cellar fridge 
Waiting for mommy. 
Calling for her. Hear it?
photo (1)

Be thrifty or parsimonious; economize: "I have scrimped and saved".
Synonyms:skimp - stint - retrench

{Not at ALL to be confused with Bubba Gump Scrimp}

So this is part of the reason Mommy needs wine. 
We left out early this morning to take pup to vet and get groceries,
leaving the teens at home... ALONE.
 JUST ran the dishwasher before I left
and this is what I have when we get home :-/ 
Maybe I should've doubled up on the wine.... So this is part of the reason Mommy needs wine. We left out early this morning tontake pup to vet and get groceries. JUST ran the dishwasher and this is what I got now. :-/ maybe I should've bought 2 bottles....

And look at little Hot Rod here.
How stinkin' cute is this little pooper?!
He had just gotten a bath and was trying
to hide under LouLou's pillow with his chew toy. Cutest pup EVER.... just got a bath. Took his chewy toy and tried to hide under Emma's pillow.
"Nooooo, mommy! No more baths!
I won't roll in cat poop anymore! I promise!"
That happened. True story.

Hey, how about these two cuties?!
Waterlogged from all that swimming and water play...
Snuggled up watching "Good Luck, Charlie".
And what will they name it?
Only Sunday will tell.
They are out of the pool for a while... Snuggled up watching what else but GOOD LUCK, CHARLIE! up

Movie Day at the "Liberry" ... that's me with the little pink-haired girl.
I don't know WHY she and her brother decided they wanted to put color in their hair
before we went to watch Puss in Boots?!
Pick your battles.
Movie time at the library :-) Puss in Boots!!!!

And look at those rain clouds rolling in....
I could smell the rain!
I smellll the rain!

Our pears are ready...
Ready for what I'm not sure!
We need to do something with them 
before the deer and squirrels get them all!
Or... just let 'em have 'em!
They need to eat too.
Yummy pears! What can me and the kiddos make with them?! Hmmmmm.....

Okay, last one. I swear.
How about one of a kid and a puppy?
They're both so peaceful when they're sleeping.
Sweeeeeetness <3

So, just when I think I may figure out my DSLR,
there's another photography somethin'-or-other to tackle!

Any Instagram tips and suggestions would be appreciated!!

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Happy Friday!! (Or is it officially Saturday as I'm posting this?!)
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  1. Cute photos. I never heard scrimped before. I might have to steal it :)

  2. great pictures! i am sooo addicted to instagram!! :)

  3. I love instagram but have never done a Friday post like this. Must jump on the bandwagon! :)

    Stopping by from SITS sharefest!

  4. Oh I love instagram! It was killing me forver because they didn't have an app for the androids and all those darn iphone users kept posting these fabulous pics!

  5. Great pics!

  6. You are cracking me up! I've been wanting to do an Instagram post on my blog - I think I'll link up too. Looking forward to your next weeks pics :) ... btw visiting from SITS

  7. You blew me away with these great suggestions!


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