Sunday, June 10, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday!!

It's Sunday! Which means it's time for Ashley's Scavenger Hunt. Woot woot!

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First of all... remember the name of the blog?
I SHOULD be cleaning house? SHOULD.
So I need to sweep the floor, okay?
Moving on.
I know in the movie, Buzz Lightyear falls with style.
But around the crazy Pate's, he {TRAVEL}s taped to the Gravedigger with electrical tape.
THAT'S how we roll.

Why did my little Aidan have a fried egg under his hat?!
How {SILLY}!
He got picked as a helper in the magic show at the library this week.
The kids have had so much fun at the Summer Reading Program activities!

Kitty Pearl hasn't made an appearance in a while. And he is truly black... with a few stray white hairs. Possibly more gray. Mainly in his ears. He's getting old.

Isn't this horse AMAZING?! 
Look at the {SPOTS} on him!
He looks like a dalmation pup.
He was so sweet! He immediately started bumping his feed bucket
when we pulled up next to the fence.
Wish I'd thought about taking him a little something...
Next time for sure!

{PAPER} 004
This is from our most recent trip to the library for their arts and crafts activities.
The kiddos put salt on a {PAPER} plate and colored it with chalk.
Then layered the different colors in a bottle.

Thanks for stopping by!
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  1. That horse! I've never seen one with pots like that. Love it!

  2. The B&W and Spots are incredible, very beautiful!

  3. I should so play this meme! I love it but can't get it together enough to play. ~ I'm NOT cleaning my house but like you say you should I SO SHOULD clean my house! :) and by the way ~ your floors look fine to me. Just like home :)

    Joining your blog ~


  4. Travel made me laugh. Looks like something I might find in my own home. And the spots are unbelievable! Beautiful photos!

  5. These are great! My favorites are travel - I love the bokeh behind Buzz, and spots - that horse IS amazing! Nice job!

  6. Travel, how fun. And I love the b&w horse, beautiful animal, I bet your son had fun being part of the act!!

  7. That horse is gorgeous (and so is your kitty)!

    Your travel interpretation is awesome :)

  8. That horse shot is incredible.


  9. Love the horse, and the duct taped Buzz is hilarious!

  10. Great entries this week! That horse truly is amazing!!

  11. Great set. Top 2 favorites:
    B/W - Your kitty looks very sweet
    Spots - Wow those are some serious spots on that horse.

  12. what a neat set of pictures.... the horse is amazing
    on a later post - there is just something special about baby ducks...

  13. Nicely done - your travel shot made me giggle.

  14. Buzz made me laugh out loud. XD That's awesome. Especially that it's Grave Digger he's taped to. ;)

    Great horse shot, too!


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