Friday, June 8, 2012

Sissy Fever

More park playin'....
Again, it was too stinkin' hot. But we did it anyway.
For a while at least.  It was like 92 by the afternoon.
Probably only 82 and humid like CRAZY while we were out and about.
park 1

It seems like some days, Aidan is the camera ham and totally okay with me constantly taking pictures.
Then other days it's the girl. I call her the girl a lot now because I don't know WHAT to call her anymore!
She goes from Emma, to Gracie, to Gracie Lou, to Gracie Lou Lou, now she's Lou Lou.
Which I actually prefer. She looks like a Lou Lou to me :-)

park 2

But this day, it WAS definitely Aidan that was camera ready.  Lou Lou was in a mood.
It was too hot. Aidan was being mean.
I didn't push her long enough on the swings. The puppy wouldn't come to her when she called him.

It must be ROUGH to be her :-/

In the pictures below she was pouting because... well, I can't remember why!! lol
Maybe because Aidan had sat on the tire swing with her. Or didn't? Or did, then left??
She's even pretty when she pouts though!

park 3

Of course, her mood could have something to do with Aidan telling her she had "sissy fever".
That kid is so dang funny. I don't know where he comes up
with some of the mess he comes up with!
She was scared to hang upside down from the monkey bars.
She WAS. Then she wasn't. Then she was.
But at least I got a few pics before she WAS again.

park 4
"Emma. Do it. Just do it. I'll do it. You've got the fever.
You've got the sissy fever. Sissy fever. Sissy fever."

Why are brothers so mean?

park 5
I got nothing. I guess because they're BOYS.

Men in training.

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  1. Our weather here in Florida has been a bit crazy too. We had a few 101/102 degree days last week and this week it's all about t-storms and rain, rain, and more rain!
    You got some great shots here! I love all of them, they are simply saying "the summer fun is here!"

  2. Boys will be boys...I have a new grandson (7 months old) right now it just seems so impossible for him to be mean at this innocent stage.
    Laurie @ Pride in Photos

  3. Oh what fun pictures!! Your children are so beautiful♥


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