Sunday, June 17, 2012

SOOC Sunday

Every Sunday, Murieta 365 does this amazing link-up
where you post photos that are SOOC... no processing.

Here's a few I shot this week and didn't do any post processing.

I'm entering this first photo into Ni Hao Yall's
Snapshot Sunday.

He picked the whole dang plant... roots and all!

Ni Hao Yall

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Bull Nettle.... early in the morning time :-) 
But not matter HOW early, it will still poke your behind! 
Just sayin'!

This one was still in the shade of the barn.
The sun wasn't up quite enough to touch it.


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They picked quite a few flowers for their daddy for father's day....
"A flower for you, daddy!"

They took a break to play around... she was trying to get on her brother's back.
This just HAS TO BE my {favorite shot of the week!}
I'm entering it into
Happy Jax
because they were, after all, picking flowers for their daddy!






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  1. I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!! SA-WEET Pics!!!! You have a great eye and must be a great camera as well:) I shoot all my pics with a cheapy pocket Nikon:( Thank you for sharing through your lens with me,stop over and chat with me sometime:)) Deidre~

  2. Plants are probably my absolute favorite thing to take pictures of :)

  3. so funny! love the golden light and the great variety of photos, from close-ups to great, true-to-life kid shots. My boys then to pick flowers with roots and all, too...

  4. Oh my goodness Shannon, what a marvelous series of images! Hard to pick just one to say wow about! Your little kids are precious! Thank you for sharing on Weekly Top Shot #35!

  5. Great shots! These photos truly captured your kids sweetness. I'm sure their Daddy loved the flowers ... and the roots too! *-*.
    Thanks for dropping by my blog.

  6. The shots of your kids in the field are great... awesome lighting!

  7. Good photos, especially so since they are SOOC.
    And, I agree with your pick for favorite photo.
    Great photo; great memory.

  8. Ooo These are great! The light in the meadow is perfect, and I love your close up flower shots (they far out do mine!), especially the last one. I love both your kids expressions - your daughter's in both the photo where she climbing on her brother and the one where she's presenting the flower. And that's so hilarious that your son grabbed the whole plant! Was that his intent, or does he not know his own strength? His expression in that photo is great too - looks pretty proud of himself! :) These are so great, I really get a feel for how this whole adventure went!

  9. A lovely Father's Day collection, Shannon. Love the fact your boy pulled up the whole plant for daddy. Lol.

    Thank you for sharing at YSB this week. xoxo

  10. There are too many great pictures here! I love this set! How beautiful! I love the one of her holding out the flowers; how adorable!

  11. LOL that does look poky, great shots of your family!

  12. Dang mama... you have some cute kiddos there! (Like you didn't know) LOVE these. I'm a sucker for that hazy golden light, add adorable children, & a field of flowers... sold! Hope ya'll had a great Father's Day. SO happy to see you linking up again girl!

  13. What lovely shots! I too did SOOC this week, due to time constraints. Your kids are such cuties. Joining you from finagle.

  14. your photos are so beautiful Shannon! so excited to have you linking up with the simple things and I'm just as excited to feature one of your lovely photos in my simple things roundup tomorrow! stop by and grab a featured button anytime! :)


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