Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Worldess Wednesday

Things are crazy/busy here as usual!
Thank goodness for the library and their air conditioning!!
It reached 104 here on Monday!

Aidan has had swimmer's ear, and his allergies have been BRUTAL.
No more of this for a week.....

The little girl fell and hit her mouth on her play kitchen.
She said santa should've brought her a softer kitchen!! 
She knocked her front tooth BACKWARDS!
It's not loose at all! Just pushed back. WEIRD!
The dentist says it's fine for now.
But will probably die?!
WOW! Just wow. She's four. And it's a baby tooth, soooo......

Hot Rod is still being house trained!! GRRRRR!
Cute as ever, but also chewing everything in sight.
And he's starting to run wild when we take him out.
I guess it's time for a collar and leash :-/
I liked it when he was really scared and would hide under my feet.
He really does have ears....
even though he's running wild in this pic and you can't tell!
But isn't it funny?

I just love how my little Mini Me, Aidan, doesn't meet a stranger.
He just loves to talk to people and meet people.
He didn't even know the kid in this photo (top left).
But they made friends quick! They both like comic books :-)

And as usual, she likes doing her own thing.
The computers are her favorite!!
She volunteered to be part of one of the programs this week with Aidan!
He was a sculptor and she was playdoh. 
He was to sculpt her into the animal of their choice.
Well, she backed out pretty quickly!!! lol
And pouted about it for a while :-/
There were snowcones of course! And it was HOT HOT HOT outside!
Notice the messy, sweaty hair in the top right photo?!
emma 2

It's just been so stinkin' hot!!
But I must must must get out with my camera!

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  1. Oh hot rod SO has my heart! Lol... you always make me smile... & sometimes even laugh out loud... actually you're good at that) LOVE these mama... Your kiddos are super adorbs (duh)... but that lil Hot Rod... wanna steal him! (in a nice way?) lol)

    Hey, what kind of pup is he?

  2. very cute puppin, for sure...but I think I have already told you how much I love your son!! There is always something about him that always makes me smile.
    Those photos of that beautiful young lady on your last post...FABulous!!

  3. These are amazing pictures. Your children are beautiful. How did you get your font like that? I love it!!

  4. I just hate allergies and poor Aidan with Swimmer's ear! Love all of these pics! Hot rod with his ears in the wind is my favorite though! I seriously would love to get my hands on this pooch! I think I'd probably smother him!

  5. These photos are great! I love how they are all so genuine :)

  6. such cute pictures. my oldest son is like that with "strangers" lol. he loves to talk to people. :)

  7. yo posted some lovely pictures and I guess summer is officially here. The pool one looks very inviting.
    I am following you from the WW Hop and hope you can follow back.

  8. Love your blog title, when I am in the garden everyday I think I should be clean but gardening always wins out! My daughter alway had ear infections when she was little too. Your photos are great and kids so sweet. Love your last photo shoot too. Laura

  9. It's really cute when we see our kids making friends. I think Aidan's on the right track. I bet you're proud of them. You've got friendly ones there.


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