Monday, July 2, 2012

* My Monday Photo Show Off *

I have to start this post off with this poor little fella!
This is the son of a girl I went to school with
many, many years ago (yes, I'm old).
I've done pictures for her kiddos several times now,
and was so happy that she called me again last week :-)

However, at the very end of this session, this cutie was stung by a wasp....
now let's go ahead and add insult to LITERAL injury...
while trying to get off the old truck and AWAY from the wasp....
the baby fell in a super duper, large, FRESH pile of cow poo.
I just heard from his mom this morning. Apparently, he's allergic :-/
He was in the ER all night, but is home now and is fine.
Can I just tell you all how HORRIBLE I feel?
The location was not my doing.
Him being in the back of the truck where the wasp was wasn't either...
But still! I feel horrible! Just terribly horrible!
{Don't tell him I told you all about the poo. Please and thank you.}

And how about his sister's eyes?!
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Oh, this East Texas weather....
one minute it's sunny and gorgeous!
Then, it's gloomy and gross.
Yes, gross. And muggy and... gross.


I was hoping for that golden, end-of-the-day sun.
But, no. Just gloom.


I'm not a professional photographer BY ANY STRETCH OF THE IMAGINATION!
I've had NO training, other than a little online class last summer.
And that was just to learn to shoot manual.
Which I still struggle with.

So I may not even be using these presets as they're meant to be used.
But... for these photos I used
The Dream Baby collection by Pretty Presets
Spring Color, Flare & Haze by Pretty Presets.

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I am so excited to be featured on the Photo Show Off this week!
Check out my previous post...
Is Vintagey even a word? I don't think so....
but I like it and will continue to use it.


I'm linking up with the Photo Show Off again this week!

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. You are killn it girl! Love all the different angles. Can I ask what lens you used for these, & what camera do you have btw?

  2. I hope that little boy is fine now. It's terrible when we see our kids hurting in the hospital. I love that little girls eyes by the way.


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