Tuesday, June 12, 2012

My Wednesday with Words ~

Does anyone have a {Summer Bucket List}?
Things to do before summer kicks the bucket? Cute, huh?
I think we need one.
Go check out Project Alicia!!

I'm posting this early, because *fingers crossed* we'll be leaving early in the morning for Camp Tonkawa Springs. We had plans to go this morning, but got rained out. The kids were so disappointed. But we desperately needed the rain!
020-2Anyone know what this feather could've come from?
We found several like it at the park? Random, yes. I know.

wed 1 Oh, my little Hot Rod. MY. Yes. That's right. He barely leaves my lap. If he does, he's right by my side. Or in this case, under my feet. There was a rather large dog at the park and he immediately got right up under me. Until the big dog left the park. Once he was on the other side of the fence, then Hot Rod found his courage and growled and barked a little bit.

wed 2
The messy-headed girl getting a little bit of puppy lovin'.

wed e
The always rowdy boy trying to ram into his innocent little sister standing nearby.

wed 4
Her favorite part of the park... the swings :-)

wed 5
Neither of the kiddos even wanted on the monkey bars until I climbed up there for a different perspective of the park.
But I think these of Prissy turned out cute. Any of her usually do!

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  1. Yeah the Summer bucket list, I think, is quite popular! Love all of your shots! My favorite thing at the park are the swings too! Love your perspective of your girl on the monkey bars; very cool!

  2. Great shots! Looks like fun at the park for sure.

  3. Love the perspective on the last shots. I also love the name of your blog. It should be my motto.

  4. Love the bucket list idea. These photos are wonderful!! I'm hopping over from Sarah's Wordless Wednesday. Happily following your blog xo

  5. Such gorgeous pictures! My summer bucket list is huge--I just cleaned my house, but if I'm honest, I won't clean it again until Christmas. Just kidding:)

  6. Beautiful captures, I love your processing!

  7. My kids always go for the monkey bars first, guaranteed. Love the view you got from the top..

  8. Love your photos! Hope you got to go on your outing today! :)

  9. Totally love those monkey bars shots! :D

  10. The tire swing brings back memories. Great pictures!

  11. Wonderful shots! It looks like a fun afternoon in the park.

  12. I love your perspective from the monkey bars and I really like your processing as well! I'm also looking forward to joining in on the Summer Bucket List challenge. So glad to have found your blog!! :D

  13. Love the vintage look of your photos!

  14. your pictures are so vivid!!! I love it!

  15. Your babies (all 3!) are so adorable...and the processing on these is stunning!

  16. I really like the bottom left hand one of your daughter. It has such interesting angles. This is such a nice set!


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