Friday, June 15, 2012

Camp Tonkawa Springs ~ June '12 / Part 1

arrow right This is my son's friend, Blaine .arrow left
He couldn't wait to JUMP right in!!! WOOHOOOOO!!

We went Wednesday to a place called Camp Tonkawa Springs.
It's filled with natural spring water, so it was COLD, COLD, COLD.
Which was refreshing, considering our temps have been in the mid to high 90's.
And don't even get me started on the humidity!

I have SO many pictures to share from this outing
that I'll spread them out over several posts.

camera divider THIS is how Mama Pate does Tonkawa! BAHAHAHAHA!!
 I am too big and too old to be swinging from a rope! But it was kinda fun :-)
Moving on....
We played in the "creek".
It does actually run into a creek, but they've cemented a portion of it.
tonkawa 1
My dorky kids crack me up running around with swim rings on! 
Aidan was trying to stop up the flow of the creek.tonkawa 6a

We did some
tonkawa 7a
Lots of neat things to discover.
 I could've done without seeing that snake. It was a little snake, but still a snake.
Looks like he had just eaten? Probably a frog!
And Aidan says he found the smallest pine cone "in the history of EVER."

camera divider

LouLou is a lot like her daddy in that she likes to do her own thing most of the time.
Just kick around and people watch :-)
Look at that beautiful smile!!
tonkawa 11
Once I finally convinced them to take their floaties/swim rings off,
they felt FREE!!
Aidan is a lot like me in that he never meets a stranger.
He played ball with some strangers for a little while.
And he did a LOT of splashing and rock skipping :-)
tonkawa 14
FREEEEEEEEE to splash and play......
tonkawa 3

camera divider

tonkawa 2a

MUCH more to come from our Tonkawa visit! 

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  1. Looks amazing!!!!!!! And you are never, ever, too old to swing on a rope swing if there's water involved. :)

  2. This looks like such a fun day! Your children are so beautiful! That water is an amazing color and I'm sure it was quite refreshing with all that humidity!

  3. The concrete creek actually looks kind of fun. Was it steep enough to slide down? The camera angle makes it looks like they were moving.

  4. Shannon! I so love your blog...I have so much fun reading it! Your pictures and the way you present them is so awesome and I love the things you do with your kids and your sense of many things here bring back wonderfully fond memories! Thanks!

  5. It looks like you really had an awesome day; however, I don't know if I would have been able to get in the water after seeing the snake.

  6. Look how much fun you guys are having I am totally jealous!
    I love your blog and the way you layout your pictures in this post, so lovely x x


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