Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Puppy Smells Yummy Nummy

Are y'all sick of seeing this pup? Or hearing about him?! 
No end in sight!

I sprayed some "paw fume" on the pup earlier.
That's puppy perfume, of course.
It smells so YUMMY!
But I have disturbed even MYSELF!
I was snuggling him and rubbing his fat puppy tummy.
And I swear. SWEAR. I said to him in my baby puppy talk...
"You smell so yummy.  Ohhhhh, puppy smells yummy nummy.
You smell like fwoot loops(that's fruit loops in my baby puppy talk).
Fwoot loops taste so yummy nummy.
Puppy smells so yummy nummy mama wants to eat him."
Wow. Seriously. I need help.

Here's a little video of the cuteness.
Well, mostly cuteness.
Even I annoy myself when listening to my baby puppy talk!
So, if you have nothing to do for the next 2 minutes and 27 seconds,
go ahead and click play.
But remember, you'll never get those 2 minutes and 27 seconds of your life back!
You are WARNED :-)
I should've named the video "Scaredy Cat", 
because that's what I kept calling him!
I'm such a dork.

My 6 year old son, Aidan, thinks he is THE BOSS
of his 4 year old sister, Lou Lou.
Actually, he thinks he's the boss of everyone and everything.
Well, just look at him in the following pic....
arrow right DA BOSSarrow left

The kid is wearing arm floaties and a SWIM RING,
and he's still bossing his friend around?!
He's definitely not going to have self esteem issues.

I've told him over and over and over (you get the point)....
unless your sis is in some way going to harm herself or others,
mind your own dang business!

Well, today she was kissing the puppy,
apparently on the lips/mouth.
I hear him yelling at her so loud that I thought
SURELY she was risking life and limb for some
flip-off-the-bunk-bed-stunt or something.
But, no. No. Just pup kisses.
He sees me round the corner and he says,
"What?! You don't know where that puppy's mouth has been.
But I do. I saw him licking his butt."
So, this time at least, he was only looking after her best interest.

Live, Love, Travel  


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  1. Lol.. I ADORE YOU, you're so dang cute! Am I a dork that I watched the entire video & was totally enthralled the ENTIRE time! Hahaa.... Oh Hot Rod, you are one crazy cute scaredy cat! He does look a teensy tiny bit like the Taco Bell doggy... (from a distance) Makes me want a Chalupa ASAP man!

  2. You write so well. LOVE the title of your blog!!! Oh, the photos are great, too!

  3. haha i love that story! at least he was following your advice and only yelling at her to try to protect her!

  4. Oh, man...he sounds like quite the character.

    Your image is wonderful, by the way. The color and composition are fantastic.

  5. Oh yeah...as if like wasn't enough with kiddos we added a puppy to the mix last year too, LOTS of extra work but boy we love our fur babies. I love the borders around your photos and the cute arrows, etc. I'm a newbie at blogging but maybe I'll get around to learning how to post photos in creative ways like yours. Great blog!


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